What’s the perfect digital workspace for humans?

boxxe transformative podcast

Leap’s founder Matt Hocking was recently a guest on Boxxe’s Transformative podcast, to talk about digital workspaces and mental ergonomics. Boxxe are digital transformation technology solution specialists based in Yorkshire. Their Transformative “coffee break” podcasts are twenty minutes long, and in this episode they invited Matt and Craig Griffiths, Partner Technology Strategist at Microsoft, to discuss and debate mental ergonomics and, more specifically, designing a workplace that prioritises the people using it, first.

“Although the motivation and willingness to be productive is there, we often overlook the value of designing a workspace that works for us. By that, we refer to creating a digital workspace that complements our skills and structured patterns of working that seamlessly allows us to be our most productive selves.”

Is it possible to create a workspace that’s perfectly shaped to fit the way an individual works?

Do you have to sacrifice welfare for productivity?

And, (because they’re a Microsoft Gold Partner) what Microsoft features can help keep your work accessible?

You can watch and listen to their conversation below.