An autumn of B Corp summits

This autumn members of the Leap team took part in two inspiring B Corp summits, bringing together changemakers and business leaders for good to connect, learn from one another, and explore the future of business.

greta thunberg quote on a pillar at b inspired event in london, october 2019


Lead The Beat B Corp Summit 2019

On September 23-24th, Matt and Simon took the train to Amsterdam to attend Lead the Beat, the B Corp Summit 2019. Built around the premise that the current global economic system is no longer fit for purpose and that business needs to “lead the beat” towards a better way of working, this was certainly not a “standard” conference.

The Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ in amsterdamTaking place at the amazing Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ waterside concert hall, notable figures such as Ryan Gellert, the general manager at Patagonia, Danone’s B Corp Director Blandie Stefanie, Innocent Drinks’ CEO Douglas Lamont, and B Lab co-founder Jay Coen Gilbert spoke about how businesses can address the climate emergency and meet the United Nations 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs). There were some fantastic talks and conversations about how individuals, companies and communities can effect positive change.

b corp summit 2019 amsterdam auditorium

There was an acknowledgement that society is currently in “a zone of maximum confusion, uncertainty and fear” but that the long-term future looks bright; challenging circumstances create innovative responses. We are moving from the 20th century system of shareholder capitalism, rooted in the pursuit of “more”, to a 21st century system of stakeholder capitalism that strives for “enough” in a responsible and sustainable way.

keynote speech at the 2019 b corp b the beat summit in amsterdam, photographed by Jurre Rompamatt hocking and simon thomason of leap design at the b corp summit in amsterdam

B Inspired, London 2019

B Inspired London then took place in London on October 10th. 600 delegates gathered at The Bridge Theatre, in the shadow of Tower Bridge, to explore the rapidly changing role of business in society and celebrate the businesses that are redefining their contribution to our shared prosperity.


The purpose of business is to deliver profitable solutions to the challenges of people and planet.
– Professor Colin Mayer

Several members of the Leap team attended and it was wonderful to see and spend time with some of our fellow B Corp businesses, including friends and familiar faces from Finisterre who’d also travelled up from Cornwall (founder Tom Kay was a keynote speaker).

tom kay, founder of finisterre, speaking at the b corp b inspired event in london in october 2019

We need to strip designers of the title ‘creative’ if the products and services they create are killing the planet.
Kresse Wesling, co-founder Elvis and Kresse

The biggest takeaway from these two events was a feeling of hope. With both B Corp events set against the background of climate protests the need for urgent change across all parts of society is clear and undeniable, but get a group of B Corp business leaders in a room together and the atmosphere is one of positive determination. By sharing and learning from each other we can lead the beat, the charge and the change that needs to happen in a profitable and sustainable way.

b leaders on stage at the b corp b inspired event in london, october 2019

Click here to find out more about Leap’s B Corp status, and how your business can join this incredible community of organisations using business for good, or pick up the phone and give us a call to speak to our resident B Leader, Matt!