Net zero is not enough

In July 2019, we declared a climate emergency. In Dec 2019 we pledged to reach net zero for carbon emissions by 2030 on stage with 500 Fellow B Corps.

b corps declaring net zero 2030 at cop25 in madrid

But we know that’s not enough.

We want to be a climate positive business.

Being climate positive means becoming net zero across all the areas we can directly control and reaching beyond our boundaries to inspire wider action.

We want the total impact of our direct and indirect actions to be positive for the environment and to remove damaging emissions from the atmosphere.

Our Climate Positive Plan is built around our understanding of how to appeal to both the head and heart of our employees, suppliers, clients and wider community, and inspire them to act – quickly.

We all know there’s no planet B

Download our report to find out how we intend to put this into action.

We also know that the world of ‘net zero’ can be very confusing and sometimes daunting so we’re also on a mission to simplify the message to ensure people know what it means to be net zero, and connect how businesses can take steps that could make a huge difference.