Showcase: Tilda Rice’s 2021 impact report

image from tilda rice's 2021 impact report

Tilda Rice is a household name, and it is through household names that the greatest environmental and social impact can be affected. Therefore we were delighted to be engaged to create Tilda’s 2021 impact report – the company’s first.

As a leading name in the rice and grains sector for the past five decades, and seeking to be one of the most responsible rice producers in the world, Tilda are stepping up to demonstrate leadership and transparency to the rest of the industry through the production of a document dedicated to the impact that their business has.

This being Tilda’s first impact report, we had work to do before we could start designing: we needed to create a new sustainability communications strategy for the business, built around the commitments which help position impact at the heart of the Tilda brand. Tilda Rice has a compelling story beyond delivering inspiring flavours, and we told the story of their impact in this first report, laying the foundation for continual communication of progress and impact in 2022 and beyond.

The report outlines progress in their three core areas of impact: sourcing, manufacturing and packaging. It also sets out new commitments to drive improvement and transparency. Tilda wanted to ensure that the report honestly reflected their progress but also their work to be done, and we responded to this with content and a design that balanced the positive stories with a sense of starting the conversation.

“Working with the team at Leap has been a real inspiration. Together we found the right tone of voice to address aspects of our business that have an impact on sustainability. The process of crafting the Tilda Impact Report together actually helped crystallise our own internal thinking on this subject and gave us more confidence to address these issues. I cannot thank the team at Leap enough especially as we did it all remotely during the difficult lockdown period.”

Jonathan Calland, Head of Sustainability and External Affairs, Tilda