Digital Action / Protecting democracy from digital threats and building a fairer internet

The Brief

Since 2019, Digital Action has been mobilising a global network of partners to demand better standards from the governments and corporations responsible for our digital environments. Their existing site wasn’t fit for purpose so they came to us to redesign and build a new one that shared their work with the world, reflected their values and brought the brand to life.

Our Solution

We worked closely with the Digital Action team to understand specific needs, such as the requirement to avoid the use of cookies, communicate complex subjects with clarity, and build an extensive global community directory. The site utilises content blocks to create a flexible CMS experience and embrace simplicity.

Digital Action had found that showcasing case studies in an engaging visual way was hard as their projects don’t lend themselves to using photography. Our solution was to expand their visual language by illustrating a full suite of iconography built from typographic glyphs. These are used across the site to make sense of tricky themes and aid communication, as well as add brand personality.

As always, we considered the environment throughout the project, making low-carbon choices where possible. This includes lazy loaded content and highly optimised code to reduce carbon weight of the website build. It is hosted using 100% renewable-power.

Digital Action website mobile phone mockup
Digital Action website glyphs
Digital Action website tools page
Digital Action website case studies
Digital Action website wireframe mockups

Leap stood out with their low-carbon, low-ego approach and we’re so glad we picked them to create our new website. The team communicated well, took on our feedback and advised us at every step to keep on brief and in budget. The result is a website that showcases Digital Action’s impressive team, how we work and gives us a strong base to build a global movement to hold Big Tech accountable.

Charlotte Cassedanne
Communications, Digital Action

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