Crafting the website for a slow-fashion clothing company

Client: Bohemian Folk

We helped breathe new life into the website for the slow-fashion brand Bohemian Folk, with a planet-first design and development approach.

Bohemian Folk believes that true sustainability begins with simplicity. It is the core value that guides all aspects of the business. They produce seasonal limited-run garments inspired by the elements of earth, sun, and rain, using natural fabrics and dyes, made entirely by hand in the USA.

We took this core value and used it as the basis for the new website. Hand-crafting it into the design and build.

A model wearing Bohemian Folk clothing is sat cross legged in a small room in front of a tea drinking set
A number of mobile screen-sized page views of the Bohemian Folk website

A handcrafted, sustainable approach

Our low-carbon design and build methods for WordPress were used as a guide throughout the project. They helped to influence our thinking from the beginning to the end. Starting with planning and user experience, to design, through development, and into deployment.

From the open-source platform we built upon to the plugins we integrated, everything was considered to create the best user experience with the lowest page weight.

Ensuring website speed across the globe

We made use of Cloudflare’s globally distributed content delivery network to improve the website’s speed and carbon footprint, wherever it is being viewed from. Coupling this with our 100% renewable-powered hosting, the website matches the company’s low-impact values.

A series of three lifestyle images of models wearing Bohemian Folk clothing
A mix of different user interface features of the Bohemian Folk website

Giving a handmade feel to digital

We worked on the user experience of the new site, and designed a clean, modern site inspired by “California simple” rather than “green clichés”. Bohemian Folk’s photography takes centre stage and the e-commerce shop has been streamlined and simplified.

Alongside this streamlined e-commerce system, we created a handcrafted aesthetic and layout for the website. Non-linear grid patterns, overlapping text and subtle patterned details mimic the stitchwork of the clothing. These elements were mixed with a natural, muted colour palette, again paying homage to the garments being created by Bohemian Folk.

A mobile view of the Bohemian Folk website alongside the colour choice user interface feature
A full page mockup of the Bohemian Folk website homepage

The Impact


The new website is much more user-friendly, gaining near-perfect scores on Google Lighthouse.

This launch helped to support and grow the business, allowing it to expand whilst ensuring the slow-fashion values and their artisans’ fair wages continue.


The new website’s carbon footprint is just 0.36g of CO2e per page view. That’s cleaner than 61% of web pages tested.


Within the first three days of the new website going live it had:

  • Generated 30% of the previous year’s sales
  • Generated 40% of the previous year’s income
  • Gained a 41% increase in the average basket value

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