Telling the true story of chocolate

Client: Divine Chocolate

Divine Chocolate is the only Fairtrade chocolate company that is co-owned by cocoa farmers. This means that when producing an impact report for all of their stakeholders, the final document needs to connect with everyone from the farmers who produce their raw ingredients right through to the consumers who eat their chocolate.

As a fellow B Corp, they commissioned us to convey their achievements in their 2019-20 impact report, utilising our design for change skills to create a document that transcends international borders and uses infographics to communicate key data.

As we working on this project Divine was in the process of a brand re-launch, and therefore our challenge was to balance a look and feel that took cues from their new website and packaging designs, but also aligned with their historic brand guidelines.

We were tasked with delivering a report that would give context to their impact and connect with consumers as well as their industry stakeholders. It needed to be a colourful, clear, engaging and digestible document that included flexible assets that could be extracted for stand-alone sharing. We needed to make it something that Divine’s team members and stakeholders would be proud to use and share, rather than it being just another report to file. It was a fantastic brief, and one that our team loved working on.

Designers Nathan and Chevonne combined textures, illustration, icons and photography to help inject the new brand voice “joyful activism”, as well as create depth and pace within the report, and to highlight key statistics. We also recommended and delivered supporting animations, to bring Divine’s impact story to life and widen its reach across their social channels.

Leap were a great agency partner to work with on our Impact Report – the process was always clear, communication was great and Leap’s attitude was always positive and can-do.

Sophie Loveday-Davies

Marketing Director – Divine

They brought fresh thinking to the project which has inspired us to consider what more we can do in the future around impact reporting. We are so pleased with the output and the design of the report and have received great feedback on it. Thank you Leap!

Sophie Loveday-Davies, Marketing Director

The Impact


Positive internal feedback from the Divine team “They loved the new look and feel, and thought the brighter colours worked really well.”

And from the CEO of Divine’s majority shareholder “Great job!! I really love it! It is clear, modern, authentic and gives a good overview of our activities. Congratulations and thanks a lot to all who have been involved creating this wonderful report!” Cord Budde, Weinrich


Ten mangrove trees planted to offset the carbon footprint of the project.

A short print run sustainably printed on FSC accredited paper, with a World Land Trust certified printer which is powered by its own solar farm and recycles 100% of its paper waste.

Shared Divine’s unique impact message to create a ripple effect within the chocolate industry.


Increased trades sales in the US with key buyer reading the report and making a decision to stock the chocolate across their nationwide stores.

Animated social posts generated more likes and shares compared to 80% of consumer marketing based material.

PR exposure through trade titles including Confectionary News.

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