The big banking chat

Client: N26

Working alongside our B Corp Partners Don’t Cry Wolf, N26 came to them with a creative brief that could be rolled out across the US and its European markets.

They asked us to help them raise awareness of its products, educate consumers on the downsides of traditional banking and encourage them to trust N26, getting them excited about what it has to offer. But when it comes to traditional banking, people are mostly frustrated, confused and – let’s face it – really bored.

In 2020, with a global pandemic to contend with, they also became really worried. So we needed something that was going to offer a bit of light relief to help us start a conversation while delivering an educational message that helped people take back control over their finances.

The Impact


1.5 billion total campaign reach, helping people better understand their finances.


500+ digital assets across 5 different languages, designed sustainably with high impact and low carbon production.


Over 90k visitors to campaign landing page.

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